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Compressing and pumping refrigerant to the condenser is the main function of the air conditioning compressor. A/C systems are considered to be the heart of the system. With our air conditioner compressors, your system runs efficiently all the time.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket air-con compressor products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other cooling parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Part No.Machine Model
7N4297120G, 140G, 773B, 785B, 789B, 815B, 988B, D7G
1630872120H, 135H, 140M, 160M, 777D, 797B, 962G
1984564140G, 657E, 777D, 785B, 789B, 994D
7N4296225B, 245B, 651E, 657E, 988B, 992C
2186833226B3, 232B2, 236B2, 242B2, 247B3
1717495307C, 311C, 320C
1540490311B, 312B, 315B, 318B, 320B, 322B, 325B, 330B
3729295320D2, 323D2, 326D2, 329D2, 330D2
3050324324D, 325D, 330D, 521B, 522B
3050325325D, 329D, 336D, 345D, 374D, 390D
4612805336F, 340F, 349F, 352F, 374F, 390F
2180324345B, 365B, 825H, 836H, 854G, 992G
2144302414E, 416E, 420E, 422E, 428E, 432E, 434E, 442E, 444E
3E1908416D, 420D, 424D, 430D, 438D, 442D
2992212416F, 420F, 428F, 434E, 442E, 444E
1835106621G, 623G, 657G, 924H, 953C, C32, D6N, D8T
3201291627K, 637K, 770G, 824K, 836K, 938K, 980M, 982M
8T8816773B, 775B, 950F, 988B, D4H, D5H, D6H, D8N
2777245854K, 966H, 992K, 993K, D6K
1065122928G, 930G, 938F, 953C, 962G, D10T, D6M, D9R
3249711966M, 972M, 986K, C32, D11T, D6T, D9T
1789570CB7, D3K, D4K
1149484Challenger 35/55


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