Connecting Rods

As they are being operated, connecting rods are subjected to compression and tensile forces. The connecting rods are made of forged steel. The forging process compresses and aligns the steel grain structure, making the rod stronger and more durable. Connecting rods are available for a variety of Caterpillar® applications.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket connecting rods products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other engine parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Part No.DescriptionEngine Model
676879Connecting Rod AS416, 4.236, 3054
1039680Connecting Rod AS3046, C3.4
1139016Connecting Rod ASC12 3196
1540867Connecting Rod AS3024, C2.2
1556629Connecting Rod ASC10, 3176
1566980Connecting Rod ASC10, 3176, 3176C
1608199Connecting Rod ASC9
2133193Connecting Rod AS3116, C7
2239150Connecting Rod ASC13
2243245Connecting Rod ASC15, C18
2255441Connecting Rod AS3054, C4.4
2255453Connecting Rod AS3054, C4.4
2255454Connecting Rod AS3054, C4.4
2323232Connecting Rod ASC27, C32
2562235Connecting Rod AS4.236
3590724Connecting Rod ASC4.4, C6.6
1P0009Connecting Rod ASD398B
3S8285Connecting Rod ASD343
4P8577Connecting Rod AS3114, 3116
5I7668Connecting Rod AS3066, 320
7E4728Connecting Rod AS (Tapered)3208
7E5996Connecting Rod AS (Tapered)3406B
7N3229Connecting Rod AS (Narrow Taper)3408, 3412
8N1721Connecting Rod AS (Straight 1.70″ Pin)3304, 3306
8N1726Connecting Rod AS (Wide Taper)3406
8N1728Connecting Rod AS3408, 3412
8N1984Connecting Rod AS3306
8N3753Connecting Rod AS3204
9N0407Connecting Rod AS (Straight)3208
9Y6054Connecting Rod AS (Tapered)3406, C15, C16
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