Dozer Cutting Edges

Heat-Treated edges offer the best features like wear and impact resistance. Composed from a boron steel alloy. Get in touch with Terra Parts & Solutions if you are interested in our aftermarket cat cutting edges.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Dozer Cutting Edges products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other G.E.T parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

ModelPart No.DescriptionEdgeThickness (in)EdgeThickness (mm)Bolts Per EdgeNuts Per EdgeWashers Per Edge
816, 825, 834, D84T6532CENTER EDGE1366F0196 (6)2J3505 (6)
826G, 834, 8354T6515 (2)CENTER EDGE1706F0196 (12)2J3505 (12)
D3 LGP, D4 LGP4T6232 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (8)4K0367 (8)5P8247 (8)
D3, D44T6230 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (6)4K0367 (6)5P8247 (6)
D3C4T6231 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (7)4K0367 (7)5P8247 (6)
D41402187 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (6)4K0367 (6)5P8247 (6)
D44T2972L AND/OR R EDGE0.62163F5108 (4)4K0367 (4)5P8247 (4)
D44T3026L AND/OR R EDGE0.75193F5108 (4)4K0367 (4)5P8247 (4)
D44T3027CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (3)4K0367 (3)5P8247 (3)
D46Y5841 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (6)4K0367 (6)5P8247 (6)
D48E9377 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62165J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D4 LGP4T2982CENTER EDGE0.62164F3654 (7)4K0367 (7)5P8247 (7)
D4 LGP, D56Y5842 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62163F5108 (8)4K0367 (8)5P8247 (8)
D4, D54T3028L AND/OR R EDGE0.75193F5108 (4)4K0367 (4)5P8247 (4)
D4, D64T3021CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (18)4K0367 (18)5P8247 (18)
D4A8A8580CENTER EDGE0.62164F3654 (7)4K0367 (7)5P8247 (6)
D4A, D54T2973 (2)END EDGE0.62164F3654 (6)4K0367 (6)5P8247 (6)
D4A, D64T2977CENTER EDGE0.62164F3654 (18)4K0367 (18)5P8247 (18)
D4H, D4LGP, D54T8940 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62165J4773 (8)2J3506 (8)5P8248 (8)
D4H, D53G9306 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62165J4773 (6)2J3506 (6)5P8248 (6)
D51400983 (2)CENTER EDGE0.62165J4773 (6)2J3506 (6)5P8248 (6)
D53G6062 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D54T3024CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (28)4K0367 (28)5P8247 (28)
D54T3025CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (7)4K0367 (7)5P8247 (7)
D59U8057L AND/OR R EDGE0.75195J4773 (4)2J3506 (4)5P8248 (4)
D5 LGP1U2211 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (9)2J3506 (9)5P8248 (9)
D5 LGP4T2315 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (10)2J3506 (10)5P8248 (10)
D5, D64T3030 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (12)4K0367 (12)5P8247 (12)
D5, D6H4T6659CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D5H3G4282 (1-3)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D61060956 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (9)2J3506 (9)5P8248 (9)
D64T2952 (4)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D64T2985 (4)CENTER EDGE1255J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D64T3008CENTER EDGE0.75193F5108 (11)4K0367 (11)5P8247 (11)
D64T3009 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75194F7827 (12)2J3506 (12)5P8248 (12)
D64T3010L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4773 (4)2J3506 (4)5P8248 (4)
D64T3011CENTER EDGE0.75194F7827 (11)2J3506 (11)5P8248 (11)
D64T3013CENTER EDGE0.75194F7827 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D64T3020 (2)END EDGE0.75193F5108 (9)4K0367 (9)5P8247 (9)
D64T6262 (3)CENTER EDGE1255J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D67T9977 (3)CENTER EDGE1255J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D67T9978L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4773 (4)2J3506 (4)5P8248 (4)
D69W1878 (8)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4773 (8)2J3506 (8)5P8248 (8)
D6, D6 LGP7T9976CENTER EDGE1255J4773 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D6, D6C, D6H6Y3840 (2)CENTER EDGE1255J4773 (8)2J3506 (8)5P8248 (8)
D71U1192 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE0.75196F0196 (6)2J3505 (6)5P8249 (6)
D74T2863 (2)CENTER EDGE1255J4771 (15)2J3506 (15)5P8248 (15)
D74T2916 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE0.75195J4772 (5)2J3505 (5)5P8249 (5)
D74T2917CENTER EDGE0.75195J4772 (9)2J3505 (9)5P8249 (9)
D74T2921CENTER EDGE0.75195J4772 (7)2J3505 (7)5P8248 (7)
D74T2922 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE0.75195J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D74T2945 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE0.75195J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D74T2948 (3)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4771 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D74T2949 (2)CENTER EDGE0.75195J4771 (15)2J3506 (15)5P8248 (15)
D74T2989 (3)CENTER EDGE1255J4771 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D74T2991L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D74T3420 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4772 (5)2J3505 (5)5P8249 (5)
D74T3421CENTER EDGE1255J4772 (9)2J3505 (9)5P8249 (9)
D74T5318 (3)CENTER EDGE0.75196F0196 (6)2J3505 (6)5P8249 (6)
D79W9794L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4772 (5)2J3505 (5)5P8249 (5)
D79W9796* (3)CENTER EDGE1255J4771 (7)2J3506 (7)5P8248 (7)
D7 7R 7S 814S4T2992L AND/OR R EDGE1256F0196 (5)2J3505 (5)5P8249 (5)
D7 7R 7S 814S4T2993CENTER EDGE1256F0196 (7)2J3505 (7)5P8249 (7)
D7 7U4T2985 (4)L AND/OR R EDGE1255J4773 (5)2J3506 (5)5P8248 (5)
D7H 7A7T6589* (1-3)CENTER EDGE1256F0196 (7)2J3505 (7)5P8249 (7)
D7H 7S7T6678*CENTER EDGE1256F0196 (6)2J3505 (6)5P8249 (6)
D7H 7S7T6936*L AND/OR R EDGE1256F0196 (4)2J3505 (4)5P8249 (4)
D81122472CENTER EDGE1.77454J9058 (9)2J3507 (9)5P8250 (9)
D81073476 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77455J2409 (10)2J3505 (10)5P8249 (10)
D81073477 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77455J2409 (14)2J3505 (14)5P8249 (14)
D81073479 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77454J9208 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D81073480 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77454J9208 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D81073483 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77454J9208 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D81U4929L AND/OR R EDGE1.38354J9208 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D81U4930CENTER EDGE1.38354J9058 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D81U4931CENTER EDGE1.38354J9208 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D84T2986CENTER EDGE1254J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)
D84T2994 (3)CENTER EDGE1254J9058 (8)2J3507 (8)5P8250 (8)
D84T3418 (2)CENTER EDGE1255J2409 (10)2J3505 (10)
D84T3422 (2)CENTER EDGE1254J9208 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D84T6513CENTER EDGE1255J2409 (10)2J3505 (10)
D89W5232 (2)CENTER EDGE1.12284J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D89W5432 (3)CENTER EDGE1.16284J9058 (8)2J3507 (8)5P8250 (8)
D89W6092 (2)CENTER EDGE1.38354J9058 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D89W9098 (3)CENTER EDGE1.38354J9058 (8)2J3507 (8)5P8250 (8)
D8 8A 8S4T2988 (2)CENTER EDGE1254J9208 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D8 8S4T3423 (2)CENTER EDGE1.12284J9208 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D8 8U4T2987L AND/OR R EDGE1254J9208 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D8 8U 8S4T3417L AND/OR R EDGE1.12284J9208 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D8, D91122471L AND/OR R EDGE1.77454J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D8, D94T6378 (2)L AND/OR R EDGE1.12284J9058 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D8, D94T6381CENTER EDGE1.12284J9058 (9)2J3507 (9)5P8250 (9)
D8, D96Y5540L AND/OR R EDGE1.12284J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D8, D99W3927L AND/OR R EDGE1.77454J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D8L, D8N, D9N9W4396CENTER EDGE1.38354J9058 (11)2J3507 (11)5P8250 (11)
D8L, D8N, D9N9W4398L AND/OR R EDGE1.38354J9058 (5)2J3507 (5)5P8250 (5)
D94T6379 (2)INTERMEDIATE EDGE1.12284J9258 (4)2J3507 (4)5P8250 (4)
D94T6387 (2)END EDGE1.12288J2928 (9)2J3507 (9)5P8250 (9)
D96Y0311*L AND/OR R EDGE1.38354J9208 (8)2J3507 (8)5J8250 (8)
D96Y0312*L AND/OR R EDGE1.38354J9208 (8)2J3507 (8)5J8250 (8)
D96Y5539 (1)CENTER EDGE1.1284J9058 (12)2J3507 (12)5P8250 (12)
D97J2959L AND/OR R EDGE1.62414J9208 (6)2J3507 (6)5J8250 (6)
D97J2980 (1-3)CENTER EDGE1.62418J2928 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D97T5701CENTER EDGE1.38354J9058 (15)2J3507 (15)5P8250 (15)
D97T9779L AND/OR R EDGE1.38356V8360 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D97T9782 (2)CENTER EDGE1.38356V8360 (6)3K9770 (6)4K0684 (6)
D99W4500 (1-3)CENTER EDGE1.38354J9258 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D99W4507 (2)CENTER EDGE1.62411J4948 (9)2J3507 (9)5P8250 (9)
D99W4508L AND/OR R EDGE1.62414J9058 (8)2J3507 (8)5P8250 (8)
D99W6092L AND/OR R EDGE1.38354J9058 (6)2J3507 (6)5P8250 (6)
D99W7043CENTER EDGE1.77454J9258 (12)2J3507 (12)5P8250 (12)
D9 9A4T6386 (3)CENTER EDGE1.12288J2928 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D9 9A4T6388 (2)END EDGE1.12288J2928 (7)2J3507 (7)5P8250 (7)
D9N7T5702CENTER EDGE1.38354J9258 (12)2J3507 (12)5P8250 (12)
D108E2085 (2)CENTER EDGE2.36605P8823 (6)3K9770 (6)4K0684 (6)
D108E2086 (2)END EDGE2.36605P8823 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D109W6608 (2)END EDGE1.38355P8823 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D109W6609 (2)CENTER EDGE1.38355P8823 (6)3K9770 (6)4K0684 (6)
D109W6615 (3)CENTER EDGE1.38355P8823 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D109W6656 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77455P8823 (6)3K9770 (6)4K0684 (6)
D109W6657L AND/OR R EDGE1.77455P8823 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D109W6658 (3)CENTER EDGE1.77455P8823 (5)3K9770 (5)4K0684 (5)
D119W2425L AND/OR R EDGE1.77455P8823 (9)3K9770 (9)4K0684 (9)
D119W2426 (2)CENTER EDGE1.77455P8823 (9)3K9770 (9)4K0684 (9)
D11N9W4493L/R/CENTER EDGE2.36605P8823 (9)3K9770 (9)4K0684 (9)
D11N9W4494L AND/OR R EDGE2.36605P8823 (9)3K9770 (9)4K0684 (9)
D11N9W4495CENTER EDGE2.36605P8823 (9)3K9770 (9)4K0684 (9)
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