The primary purpose of a drum brake is to provide friction between the brake pads and the drums for stopping the wheels. Additionally, the component is directly attached to the wheel bolts, allowing the drum to rotate along with them. Call Terra Parts & Solutions for more information about our Cat aftermarket drum brakes.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Brake Drum products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other power train parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Brake System

Part No.Application
1751928627F, 3406B
1H8937D6C LGP, 561, 977, 3306
2D134512, 12E, 120, 140
4V6040816B, 966D, 966E

Clutch System

Part No.Application
2M6984594, D9G
2S3443D6, D6C, 977L
3T1899D6D, D6E
5G8708D3C, D4B, D4C, D4D
5S6796D7F, D7G
6S3398D3, D3B, 931, 931B, 931C
7M5002D5, D6, D6B, 561
8H1174D4, D4D, 941B, 951, 955, 955C
8P6495D6C, D6E
9S7187D7, D7F
9W6358955, 955C

Final Drive System

Part No.Application
2B8824D4C, D4D, 941B, 951
2P9038D8K, D9K
2S7603D6C, 977K
3T1898D6E, D6G
4K6736966, 966C
5K4444980, 980B
5M1998D7, D7E, D7G
7B5088D5, D6B, D7, 977
7K8237D4D, 941, 950, 951B, 951C
8H2434D6C, D6E
8P0203955, 955C
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