Loader Segments

Loader segments will assist with working with tough materials. The primary function of loader segments is to protect the landing edge and improve penetration.
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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Loader Segment products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other G.E.T parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

ModelLeft HandCenterRight HandEdge Thickness (in)Edge Thickness (mm)BoltsBoltsNutsNuts
9434T6692 (5)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
9534T6692 (7)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
9634T66934T6692 (5)4T66930.98254F4042-142J3507-14
9734T9124 (2)4T3015 (2)4T9123 (2)1.18306V6535-143K9770-14
9904T6762 (3)4T67604T6761 (3)1.57405P8823-283K9770-28
9904T6760 (7)1.57405P8823-283K9770-28
910, 914G1282873 (6)0.75194F7827-122J3506-12
916, 924F, 9264T6694 (7)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
916, 924F, 926, 920, 9308E4569 (7)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
920, 930, 9434T66934T6694 (5)4T6694 (7)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
936, 936E/F, 938F/G4T6695 (7)0.98251J5607-142J3507-14
936, 936E/F, 938F/G1321037 (7)1.38351J5607-142J3507-14
950, 960 BEF4T9124 (3)4T30154T9123 (3)1.18308T9079-213K9770-21
950B, 950E, 950F4T6695 (7)0.98254F4042-142J3507-14
950G, 950H/K, 962H1407601 (5)1.18304F4042-142J3507-14
950G, 962G1324715 (5)1.38354F4042-142J3507-14
960F4T6695 (7)0.98254F4042-142J3507-14
960F4T6699 (7)1.18305P8823-143K9770-14
963B4T6696 (5)1.18305P8823-143K9770-14
966D, 966E4T91234T66974T91241.18306V6535-143K9770-14
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