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Purchasing a quality brand is necessary because ripper teeth are used in hostile environments. Providing rapid penetration and aggressive ripping angles, along with increased impact resistance, are ripper teeth. These teeth come in a variety of styles. In conditions where penetration is not an issue, Centerline teeth are used, and Penetration teeth are used in conditions where penetration is difficult. Please contact us if you would like a quote for our aftermarket ripper teeth.

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Our Caterpillar Aftermarket Ripper Tips products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other G.E.T Parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Part No.DescriptionPinLockApplication
6Y0309PENETRATION13683081140359951, 955, 140, 140G
9W2451CENTERLINE SHORT6Y33948E4743D8, D8K, D8L, D8N, D8R, D9, D9H, D9N, D9R
9W2452CENTERLINE INTERMEDIATE4T24795J3576D8, D8K, D8L, D8N, D8R, D9, D9H, D9N, D9R
4T5452PENETRATOR INTERMEDIATE6Y33948E4745D8, D8K, D8L, D8N, D8R, D9, D9H, D9N, D9R
6Y0352CENTERLINE INTERMEDIATE11403581140359D5, D6, D7, 973, 977, 983,14G,16G
6Y0359PENETRATOR LONG11403581140359D5, D6, D7, 973, 977, 983, 14G, 16G
4T4453CENTERLINE LONG6Y33948E4743D8, D8K, D8L, D8N, D8R, D9, D9H, D9N, D9R
4T4501CENTERLINE SHORT6Y12046Y1202D9L, D10, D11
4T5501PENETRATOR SHORT6Y12046Y1202D9L, D10, D11
4T5502PENETRATOR SHARP6Y12046Y1202D9L, D10, D11
4T5503PENETRATOR LONG1029062N/AD9L, D10, D11
#NUM!CENTERLINE LONG6Y12046Y1202D9L, D9R, D9T, D10, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11
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