Our Core Values

Terra Parts & Solutions core values are made up of three pillars which form the foundation of everything we do and strive to achieve. They are infinitely entrenched in one another as illustrated in our Company Logo and we firmly believe the one cannot exist without the other. These core values are imperative to every decision and interaction we engage in.


We are guided by unwavering moral principles to always act honorably and ethically within and outside of our business.

The shield has always been an icon of Integrity. It is our sworn oath, our virtue to always uphold outstanding trust with our suppliers and our customers. Integrity is not just an icon to us. It is entirely significant to ones being and heart. We build all of our relationships on this core value first.


Establishing partnerships and relationships by ensuring a strong feeling of support and allegiance to all Customers and Suppliers.

Loyalty is about caring for your customers and meeting their expectations. We can maintain this core value by sticking to our moral principles, rewarding Loyal customers and solving problematic areas. These interlocking cubes are metaphoric in showcasing our ability to solve problems.


Our ability to solve problems, find suitable solutions and always putting our customers first, is our commitment and priority.

Ancient philosophers such as Pythagoras believed that when the elements were in harmony, a fifth element appeared. They called it Quintessence. This represented the absolute best anything can be. Our business unit is encompassed with Service Excellence and it is our “fifth element”.

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