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We carry a wide variety of aftermarket cat tips, adapters, shanks and wear protection bars for excavators, loaders, bulldozers and motor graders. Our broad selection of adapters includes everything from weld on to bolt on options.

Tips and Adapters deliver strength, durability, performance and productivity. They provide longer wear life which translates into less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket bucket tips products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other G.E.T parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

TypeDescriptionJ200J225J250J300J350J400J450 / J460J550J600J700J800
ABRASIONExtra metal for longer wear life4T22039N44536I8803
CENTER SHARPApplications that require use in densely compacted material such as clay9W82099W83099W23596Y54097T84599W65591078609
HEAVY DUTY ABRASIONExtra metal for longer wear life9N42539N43039N43537T34031386552
/ 6Y2553
HEAVY DUTY LONG3 to 5 times more wear life than standard tips#NUM!9N42529N43029N4352#NUM!9N44529N45527Y0602
HEAVY DUTY PENETRATION3 to 5 times more wear life than standard tips135930014413581359400138645113596001359700
HEAVY DUTY ABRASIONExtra metal for longer wear life6I66031359800
LONGFor use in most general applications where breakage is not an issue1959209 /
/ 7T3402
PENETRATIONFor use in densely compacted material (such as clay)1U32096Y82299J42599J43099J43596Y74099W84599W85597I76094T4709
PENETRATION PLUSOffers the perfect conbination of strength and a prolonged penetration wear life183530016813591681409159045915905591711709
SHARP CENTERUse for severe digging in rock and frost9W8259
SHORTFor high-impact jobs and pry-out work (such as rock)1U32011U32511U33011U33517T34019W84519W8551
TWIN SHARPUse for severe digging in rock and frost135820813582581359308135935713594081386458
WIDEApplications that require a clean floor/ less spillage20852541073300107335010734001073450
V SERIESMore penetration with extended lifespan1U3202V6Y3222V1U3252V
STANDARD PINStandard pin8E62086Y32288E6258107330811403586Y252710733781139608
STANDARD RETAINERStandard retainer8E62098E62598E62598E63598E63598E55596I6609
HEAVY DUTY PINHeavy duty pin1324762132476313247661140358116740811404681073378113960811347081341808
HEAVY DUTY RETAINERHeavy duty retainer1495733149573314957331140359116740910734691078559113960911347091341809
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