With our aftermarket bushings, two Caterpillar parts can move linearly. With a sliding motion, bushings or Sleeve bearings reduce vibration and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Bushing products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other engine parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Part No.Application
1297768320, 320B, 320C, 320S, 322B LN, 322C
1372817325, 325C, 325L, 325LN, 330C
1372818330C, 330 C L, 330 C LN
1372819320, 320B, 320C, 320S, 325C, 330B, 345B
1372820320B, 320C, 320S, 322B, 322L, 325, 325B, 325L, 5080
1372822330, 330L, CAT-3
1372919315C, 320B, 320BL, 320BLN, 320BN, 320BS, 320C, 320CL,
320D, 320S, 330C, 330CL
1413420345B, 345BII, 345BL, 365B, 365B
1433841318 C, 319D, 320C, 321C, 322BL, 322BLN, 322C, TK1051
1483091345B, 345BL, 345B-II, 345B-L, W345B-II
1633749315C, 315CL, 320D, 322CL, 325, 325C, 345B, 385B
1928318322C, 325C, 325CL, 330CL, 330CLN
2285614315C, 315DL, 320D, 320DL, 323DL, 323DLN, 323DS, 324DFM,
325D, 325DL, 328DLCR, 329D, 329DL, 330D, 330DMH
2285615315DL, 320D, 320DL, 323DL, 323DS, 324C, 324DFM, 325D,
325DL, 328DLCR, 329D, 329DL, 330D, 385C
2285617324D, 324DL, 325BL, 325C, 325D, 325DL, 330D, 330DL,
330DLN, M325B, M325D
2285619330D, 330DL, 330DLN, 336DL, 336DLN, 345D, 345C, 345CL
2285621320C, 330, 330D, 330D-L, 330D-LN, 330D-MH, 345D, 345C,
345DL, 365C, 365B, 365BII, 365C, 365C-L
2285621330D, 330D L
2285622322C, 345C, 345D, 345C, 345C-L, 345DL, 365C, 385B, 385C,
2291092311C, 311DLRR, 312C, 313C, 314C, 314DCR, 314DLCR, 320C,
320DL, 324DL, 325D, 329DL
2291096315DL, 319D, 320D, 320C, 320C-L, 321C, 325C, 325CL, 365B
2402912320C, 320D, 320DL, 322C. 323D, 323DL, 325C, 325D, 325DL,
330DL, M325D-LM
2402913312D, 320B, 320BL, 320BLN, 320BS, 320C, 320D
2402914318C, 319C, 320B, 320BL, 320BS, 320C, 322D, 325C, 325BL,
325C, 345B, 345B-II, 345BL, 962GII
2402915320B, 320C, 320B-L, 320B-N, 320C, 325C, 325C-L, 345BII
2402916320C, 322CL, 325C, 325CL, 325D, 325DL, 330C, 345C, 345CL,
2402937322B, 322C, 322BL
2417231324D, 329D, 330D, 336D-C9
2417280324D, 325D, 330D, 336D
2417382319D L, 319D LN, 323D L, 323D LN, 323D S, 324D L, 325D,
325D L, 330D, 330D L, 330D LN, 336D L, 345 C L
2444360315DL, 320D, 320DL, 320DLRR, 323D, 323DL, 323DS, 324D,
3244DFMM, 324DL, 325D, 325DL, 330DL, 345CL, M325DLM
2487835311DLRR, 312D, 312DL, 314DCR, 314DLCR, 3244, 325D, 329D
2627043416E, 420E, 422E, 428E, 430E, 432E, 434E, 442E, 444E
2627044416C, 416E, 426C, 436C, 637E
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