Final Drives

Planetary drive gears must withstand the high forces of torque generated by the engine and transfer these loads to move the equipment. Our Cat aftermarket Final drives swing gears and final drives gears are manufactured to precise tolerances for reliable operation. The manufacturing method includes a heat treatment process that increases bending strength, prevents case crushing and provides exceptional wear resistance for a long service life.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket final drives products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other power train parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Part No.DescriptionNo. of TeethUse per MachineMachine
1484632GEAR-SUN231318C, 319C, 320C/D/E, 321C
1484732GEAR-SUN201318C/E, 319/D, 320C/D/E, 321C/D, 323D/F
1484733GEAR-PLANETARY253318C/E, 319C/D, 320C/D/E, 321C/D/E, 323D
6I6583GEAR-SUN131318C/E, 319C/D, 320C/E, 322/B, 323D/E/F
6I6585GEAR-PLANETARY443, 6 or 12318C/E, 319C/D, 320C/E, 322/B, 323D/F
1484633GEAR-PLANETARY253318C/E, 319D, 320C/D/E, 321C/D, 323D/F
7Y1427GEAR-SUN141320, 320B, 320B L, 320B N, 320 N
7Y1428GEAR-PLANETARY323320, 320B, 320B L, 320B N, 320 N
7Y1631GEAR-RINGN/A1320, 320B, 320B L, 320B N, 320 N
7Y1431GEAR-PLANETARY303320, 320B, 320B L, 320B N, 320C, 320C L, 322, 322L
1275969GEAR-SUN231320, 320B, 320B LN, 320B N, 320 N
7Y1430GEAR-SUN171320, 320C
1275970GEAR-PLANETARY253320, 320L, 320N
7Y1643GEAR-SUN231320, 320L, 320N
7Y1644GEAR-PLANETARY253320, 320L, 320N
7Y1755GEAR-RING731320, 320L, 320N
1484715GEAR-COUPLING551 or 2320, 320L, 320N
1107049GEAR-SUN241320B, 322B, 325, 325B
1107051GEAR-SUN231320B, 322B, 325, 325B
1107056GEAR-PLANETARY233320B, 322B, 325, 325B
1107053GEAR-PLANETARY233320B, 322B, 325, 325B, 365B
1107055GEAR-RING661320B, 322B, 325/B
7Y0213GEAR-PLANETARY213320B/N, 322B, 325B
7Y0219GEAR COUPLER581320B/N, 322B, 325B
7Y0999GEAR-RING701320B/N, 325
1695593GEAR-PLANETARY233 or 6320C/D, 322C, 323D, 324D, 325C/D, 330D/F
1695589GEAR-SUN242320C/D, 322C, 323D, 324D/E, 325C/D, 326D
1695592GEAR-PLANETARY233320C/D, 322C, 323D/E, 324D, 325C/D, 326D, 329D/E
1912684GEAR-PLANETARY213 or 6320C/D, 322C, 323D/E, 325C/D, 329D/E, 330F
1912683GEAR-SUN201 or 2320C/D, 322C, 323D/E, 325C/D, 329D/E/F, 330F
7Y0674GEAR-SUN231322, 325, 330
1107050GEAR-SUN231322BL, 325BL
1912676GEAR-RING721 or 2322C
1912675GEAR-PLANETARY203 or 7322C, 324D, 326D/F
7Y0673GEAR-RING731325C, 328D, 330C/D
7Y0676GEAR-PLANETARY243325C, 328D, 330C/D
1107216GEAR-SUN241325L, 325B
1107233GEAR-PLANETARY263330, 330B
1107231GEAR-SUN181330B, 330C, 330C L, 330D


Part No.Machine
1107058320B/B L, 322BL/L, 325BL
1107059322BL, 325B
7Y1432320, 320B, 320B L, 320B N, 320 N
7Y1433318B, 318BN
7Y1751320, 320L
7Y1752320, 320L, 320N


Part No.Use per MachineMachine
9415093, 4, 8320, 320C, 320C L, 320L,320N, 345B, 345B L
7Y02233320B, 320B L, 320C, 320C L, 325B
7Y02253320/B/B L, 320B N, 320C/C L, 320N, 322/C, 322C L, 322L, 325/C/L, 365B
7Y16463320, 320L, 320N
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