Friction Plates

Our Caterpillar Aftermarket Friction plates that are made with 100% asbestos-free material to ensure the top quality you deserve. The use of high-quality materials ensures excellent friction and wear resistance.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Friction discs products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other power train parts too. Click the links here to view these products.

Friction Plates

Part No.SpecificationsApplication
102867185 I/S TD400E, 776D
122188026 O/S T416C, 426C, 436C
126792418 I/S T24F, 924F
130586018 I/S T966G
1S3736124 I/S T824, 988
2P93145 O/S T627B, 988B
2S145666 I/S T944, 950, 966
3P59556 O/S T85J, 86J, 955K, D5
3S798181 I/S T14, D4D
3T996035 I/S T931B, 3204, D3B, D4B
4S872465 I/S T627, 631C, 633
5S7830138 I/S T657, 657B
6I803018 I/S T814F, 970F
6I891152 I/S T120H
6I891253 I/S T120H
6I925565 I/S T824C, 825C, 3406
6Y2027101 I/S T12G, 140G, 160G, 3306
6Y208418 I/S T950F
6Y534887 I/S T816
6Y535261 I/S TG936, 936E
6Y591248 I/S T980G, D8R
6Y591454 I/S T12G, 140G
6Y591696 I/S TD6E
6Y792945 I/S T416
6Y793252 I/S T75E, 85C
6Y793436 I/S T916
6Y793554 I/S TD3C
6Y794688 I/S TD6H
6Y795450 I/S T140H, 160H, 163H
6Y795745 I/S T416
6Y798132 O/S T12G, 120G, 140H
6Y937388 I/S TD6H, D7H
7T233696 I/S TD7G, 572G
8E0985101 I/S TD10, D348, 992
8M5070142 I/S TD8, D9G
8M513656 I/S T12F, 641, 651
8M8550108 I/S TD7F
8P43165 O/S TD9L, 589
8P473688 I/S TD9H, 594H, D353
8P5646138 I/S TD346, D7F, 666B
8P836088 I/S TD9L, D10N, 3412
8P868381 I/S T915C, D4D
8S911280 I/S T769B, D343
9P425196 I/S T633, 633C, 637
9P425274 I/S T768B, 769B, D343
9P425362 I/S T627
9P739075 I/S TD6R
9W466265 I/S T773B, 627, 633
8E8328114 I/S T776B/D, 777C/D/F/G, 992G
7T345663 I/S T950G/H, 962G/H, 966C/H/K/R
6Y980775 I/S T735/B, 740/B, 770,771C/D
169705580 I/S TD11R, 776D, 777D/F/G,844
234670765 I/S T826G, 834K, 836K, 980F/G/H/K, 982M
328437475 I/S TD6R, D8R, 615C, 815F, 980C/H/K
1P411096 I/S T621H/K, 623H/K, 627G/H/K, 773B/E
6Y7219124 I/S T776D, 777D/F/G, 793C/D
6Y796554 I/S TD4C, D4C LGP, D4H, D4H LGP

Clutch Discs
Part No.SpecificationsApplication
6T494475 O/S TD6D 3X
6Y791924 I/S TD3C
6Y792075 O/S TD10N
6Y792252 I/S T910E
6Y796130 I/S T14E
6Y796218 I/S T14E
6Y796445 I/S T14E
6Y7977120 O/S TN/A
8E120440 O/S T16G, 3406/16H
108575152 I/S T12H/M, 120M, 140h/K/M, 160K/M,
3T340044 I/S TN/A

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