Tie Rods

The tie rods steer your vehicle and assist with tracking straight when your steering is aligned properly. Bad tie rods will allow the wheels to come out of alignment frequently. Speak to Terra Parts & Solutions about our quality cat aftermarket tie rods.

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Our Caterpillar aftermarket Tie rods products include but are not limited to the part numbers below. We sell other power train products too. Click the links here to view these products.

Tie Rods

Part No.DescriptionApplication
1313739ROD-TIE12H, 120H, 135H, 140H, 143H, 160H, 163H, 854G
9R2601ROD-TIE416, 426, 428, 436, 438
9R2842ROD-TIE LH416/B, 426/B, 428/B, 436/B, 438/B
9R2843ROD-TIE RH416/B, 426/B, 428/B, 436/B, 438/B
1100840ROD-TIE416C, 426C, 428C, 436C, 438C, 442D
2292949ROD-TIE AS LH416C/D, 420D, 426C, 428C/D, 430D, 436C, 438C
2292950ROD-TIE AS RH416C/D, 420D, 426C, 428C/D, 430D, 436C, 438C
2172883ROD-TIE416D/E, 420D/E, 430E/F
2074272ROD-TIE416D/E, 420D/E
2164459ROD-TIE416D/E/F, 420D/E/F, 430D
2099886ROD-TIE416D/F, 420D/E/F, 430D/E
2385236ROD-TIE AS LH434E, 444E
2385237ROD-TIE AS RH434E, 444E
2097480ROD-TIETH220B, TH330B
1987834ROD-TIETH560B, TH580B


Part No.DescriptionApplication
2768724SOCKET GP-RH120M, 140M, 160M
1313736SOCKET12G/H, 120G/H, 130G, 140G/H, 160H
1313737SOCKET AS LH12G/H, 120G/H, 130G, 140G/H, 160H
1313738SOCKET AS RH12G/H, 120G/H, 130G, 140G/H, 160H
2768723SOCKET GP-LH12M, 120M
1416138SOCKET GP14G
1416136SOCKET GP14G, 16G, 16H
1416137SOCKET GP14G, 16G, 16H
2746810SOCKET GP-LH14M
2746811SOCKET GP-RH14M
1365694SOCKET AS768C, 769C, 771D
1365695SOCKET AS768C, 769C, 771D
9D3706SOCKET A LH772, 772B, 773, 773B/E
9D3704SOCKET A772/B, 773/E, 776/B/C/D, 777B/C/D
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